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News Guangdong

International graduate students: Will you stay or go?

As an international student in China, would you choose to stay or return home after graduation? On December 5th, a job fair and talent exchange forum was held to examine these two options and offer employment opportunities to African students studying in Guangdong. Over 300 African students, representatives from 150 enterprises, officials from over 10 consulates general of African countries in Guangzhou, and Chinese government officials attended the event.

Why do Western media ignore China's documentary on Xinjiang?

An English language documentary, Fighting Terrorism in Xinjiang, which was aired on China's state broadcaster CGTN on Thursday, unprecedentedly exposed the trauma that violent terrorism and religious extremism have brought about to the region. It has garnered extensive attention on overseas social media platforms.

Officials of Consulates in Guangzhou visit Huadu District

More than 30 officials of Consulates in Guangzhou visited Huadu, a district in the north of Guangzhou, on December 6th.

Fair to promote contemporary art in Guangdong

2019 Art Canton · Contemporary Art Fair opened at the New Fa Center in Guangzhou on December 6th, featuring 100 artists from 18 countries and over 1000 artworks.

Guangdong-Europe enterprises seek greater cooperation in Dongguan

The 2019 China (Guangdong) – Europe Investment and Innovation Cooperation Conference kicked off in Dongguan on December 6th. The conference has gathered over 190 European entrepreneurs from Fortune 500 firms and industry leaders, to discuss future commercial cooperation between South China and Europe. More than 200 Cantonese enterprises also took part in the event.

Top ten animation and comic brands unveiled

Chinese animation ‘Ne Zha’, also the first Chinese 3D animated film in IMAX format, has smashed this summer's box office records as the highest-grossing domestically-made animated film of all time, drawing ever more people’s attention to the industry.
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